Wine in the Wild: Tips for Your Next Outdoor Adventure


Exploring the great outdoors offers some of the best getaways that domestic travel can offer. Whether sailing on the lake or hiking through the forest, one thing’s for sure: you’re going to need some juice for your adventure. We’ve rounded up five tips on how to incorporate wine into all of your outdoor escapes. Simply pop, pour, and enjoy the best that nature has to offer.

Keep It Chill(ed)

When biking through the mountains or kayaking on the river, carrying a heavy cooler is not exactly ideal. Thankfully, insulated backpacks and decanters provide the perfect solution. There’s no better reward upon reaching your final destination than savoring an ice cold pour of rosé. Simply pack your favorite juice into an insulated decanter/thermos and get ready for some well-earned hydration.


Don’t Forget the GoVinos

As much as we love our stemware, Zaltos aren’t great for outdoor adventures. For summer escapes that require something portable (and unbreakable), we recommend packing a stash of GoVinos. This plastic ‘glassware’ is lightweight, portable, and perfect for cradling your favorite pour. We recommend pairing your post-clam digging bounty with a salty pour of Chablis, grilling your fresh-caught fish with a splash of something light and bright, or sipping a serving of something juicy with all of your grilled meats and veggies.

Screw It

It may seem obvious, but having a corkscrew on hand is essential. Whether adventuring outdoors or hanging inside, our go-to wine key is always the simple two-step ‘waiter’s corkscrew.’ This easy-to-use opener is portable, pliable, and gets the job done. Don’t get caught without it!

Food for Thought

When packing wine for your next outdoor adventure, think about the food that you’ll be consuming along the way. Are you eating simple sandwiches during your hike through the woods? A mineral-driven white or fun and fizzy canned wine makes for the perfect pairing. Pitching a tent and setting up camp for the night? Be sure to pack a hefty supply of savory Syrah to sip by the fire. And when all else fails, popping a solid stash of chillable reds from the cooler is certain to pair with a variety of fire-grilled snacks.


Remember, You’ve Earned It

The harder the trek, the greater the reward. For epic hikes to soaring summits or seriously steep rock climbs up staggering faces, we believe that your hard work deserves some top-notch juice -- and nothing screams ‘victory’ like a delicious serving of Champagne. Simply pop, pour, and celebrate your triumph. Check out some of our current favorites:

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R Pouillon 'Reserve' Brut Champagne NV


Get Out There and Share

We can’t wait to see where your outdoor escapes take you as the weather gets nicer (and more importantly, what you’ll be sipping along the way). Snap a photo, tag us, and use the hashtag #wineinthewild to share your latest escapes with us. Adventure awaits!

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