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Harvest Season: It’s Time to Pick the Grapes
In vineyards all over the Northern Hemisphere, this time of year signals one of the wine world’s essential seasons: harvest. When to pick is a highly refined process unique to each farmer, winemaker, or vigneron and the decision impacts what’s in your glass.
Top Wines from Our Labor Day Sale
We've poked around the Labor Day Sale to identify a select set of bottles for your consideration. Here are a few stellar wines that we think are too cool to pass up. Especially at 10%-15% off.
Summer Into Fall, With Wine
Instead of freaking out and cursing the tilt of the Earth, here are five ways wine can ease the transition from summer to fall.
A Guide to Chenin Blanc, One of the Most Versatile White Wines
Chenin Blanc has risen to darling status with sommeliers because it’s food-friendly and maintains terroir-driven characteristics. Learn enough to be dangerous with answers to some of the most common questions about Chenin Blanc.
Chardonnay Around the World: Domestic Favorites & Beyond

Chardonnay is planted around the world, a heaven of options for the white wine lover. Here’s where to find our domestic favorites plus a hit list of places to discover gold abroad.

The Merits of Sangiovese from Tuscany
Explore the worthy merits of Tuscan Sangiovese. You could drink from this noble grape all summer long and still find new dimensions to discover. Want to take that challenge?
The Fascinating History of Rosé
Rosé is more than a pale pink drink to saturate a leisurely summer. Learn the fascinating history of rosé and the legacy of meaning it holds in the South of France.
A Quick Guide to Chillable Reds
Get cool and comfortable chilling red wine for summer. Here are suggestions to make chilling your reds easy and carefree.
How To Approach Summer Wine and Dine
The summer wine and dine season gives us reason to play with our bottle choices to suit the vibrant mood. Here’s where our heads are at as we slip into June.
Natural Wine Starts Here: Why the Beaujolais Gang of Four Still Matter
Many of today’s natural wine growers and makers look back to the Beaujolais foundations installed by the Gang of Four. While more natural wine choices exist now more than ever, the originals still represent the category with validity, quality, and good taste. Here’s why their decisions still influence a changing industry.
5 Tips for Building a Go-To Case of Wine
Ready to build a to-go case of wine? Here’s a snapshot guide from Verve Wine’s in-house Master Sommelier, Dustin Wilson.
Athletic Wine for [Not So] Athletic People
“Drinking wine is also a sport, as you have to lift your elbow — a very high-level intensity of physical activity, you know.” Get sportif with Les Athlètes Du Vin. 
The Guide to Gifting Wine for Mother’s Day
Make mom happy. Give her wine. Mother’s Day is coming up and we’ve made our gift shopping list and here we share it with you.
A Brief Guide to Biodynamic Wine
Why buy biodynamic wine? If you prioritize hand-crafted products, don’t want to consume products made with chemicals, or care about the Earthly impact of your purchase patterns, you may have just found your why. Here we briefly explain the how and the who so that you feel even more confident in the next biodynamic bottle you snag.
5 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Mind About Riesling
In the world of misunderstood grapes, Riesling is perhaps the most misconstrued of them all. However, Riesling is one of the most versatile varieties in the world, producing bottles across the entire flavor spectrum. Here are five simple reasons why you should change your mind about Riesling.
What Organic, Biodynamic, Sustainable, and Natural Wine Actually Mean
Knowing how a wine was made is just as important as enjoying how it tastes. So when it comes to being environmentally friendly, knowing the difference between organic, biodynamic, sustainable, and ‘natural’ wine is key. We’re breaking down four of the wine world’s most buzzworthy terms, here.
A Field Guide to Cooking Fireside
James-Beard-award winning author Jordan Mackay finds comfort in winter outside the kitchen -- and from a little fire and wine.
5 Best Wines for Après Ski
No matter how you approach the slopes, these are the best wines for Après ski that will get you on course for that fine winter feeling. 
5 Film & Wine Pairings for a Big Valentine's Night In
Our list of killer bottles to pair with some of our favorite things streaming right now.
No Experience Required: Our Guide to Drinking Better Wine in 2021
We’re here to tell you that the journey to drinking good wine isn’t always completed by following a path from “novice” to “expert.” On the contrary, filtering out a lot of the noise and focusing on a few key ideas will more likely lead to the delicious experiences with wine you’re searching for. In that light, here are a few simple ways to make sure you're cracking into good wine this coming year -- no experience required.  
Everything You Need to Know About Grower Champagne
When we pop bubbles, we sip the best-- which means we stick to Grower Champagne. Check out our guide to Everything You Need to Know About Grower Champagne!