Top Wines from Our Labor Day Sale

Like a staff of personal shoppers, we’ve poked around the Labor Day Sale to identify a select set of bottles for your consideration. Of course, we always recommend that you buy whatever suits your tastes, budget, and desires…but sometimes we see something out there that makes us want to shout it out. Or at least include it in a blog post. Here’s the lineup:

Frederic Savart 'l'Ouverture' Brut Champagne NV

Regular price: $63.00 Sale price: $56.70 Save $6.30

Why we picked it: This is one of Dustin’s Picks.

Why you need it: NV Champagne at this price, for real? Treat yourself with a bag of Lays and these bubbles for your next streaming binge.


Sous-Marine Rosé 'la Seiche Rosé' Santa Barbara County 2020

Regular price: $30.00 Sale price: $25.50 Save $4.50

Why we picked it: This Verve Wine exclusive goes with the flow.

Why you need it: Versatile enough to sip as an apéro or serve with just about anything you decided to fix for dinner Or brunch. Or lunch.


Triennes IGP Mediterranean Rosé 2020

Regular price: $17.00 Sale price: $14.45 Save $2.55

Why we picked it: One of our team’s faves, year after year.

Why you need it: Two of Burgundy's biggest names, Jeremy Seysses (Dujac) and Aubert de Villaine, do Provençal rosé. Can’t miss out, especially at this price.


Roterfaden & Rosswag Co-op Red 'Terraces' Wurttemberg 2019

Regular price: $19.00 Sale price: $17.10 Save $1.90

Why we picked it: We love this insanely cool, two-person biodynamic project out of beautiful southern Germany. 

Why you need it: Less than $20 for a wine of this quality? Don’t think twice. Plus it’s chillable and totally perfect for fall meals.


Chacra Chardonnay Patagonia 2019

Regular price: $88.00 Sale price: $79.20 Save $8.80

Why we picked it: This is a stunning example of superb Chardonnay coming out of South America. Hand-down delicious. 

Why you need it: Balanced and textured, lacking nothing. A natural, biodynamic benchmark of the category.


4 Monos Madrid Tinto 'GR-10' 2019

Regular price: $24.00 Sale price: $21.60 Save $2.40

Why we picked it: Another one singled out by Dustin himself!

Why you need it: This easy drinking red is the product of four wine making friends. The perfect bottle for having people over.