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A Quick Guide to Sicilian Wine
Sicily marches to the beat of its own drum. In addition to being detached from Italy’s mainland, the island's unique topography and slew of indigenous grapes set its wine production apart from the rest of the country. Discover why Sicily is one of our favorite 'outer borough' Italian regions, here!
What Organic, Biodynamic, Sustainable, and Natural Wine Actually Mean
Knowing how a wine was made is just as important as enjoying how it tastes. So when it comes to being environmentally friendly, knowing the difference between organic, biodynamic, sustainable, and ‘natural’ wine is key. We’re breaking down four of the wine world’s most buzzworthy terms, here.
A Field Guide to Cooking Fireside
James-Beard-award winning author Jordan Mackay finds comfort in winter outside the kitchen -- and from a little fire and wine.
5 Best Wines for Après Ski
No matter how you approach the slopes, these are the best wines for Après ski that will get you on course for that fine winter feeling. 
5 Film & Wine Pairings for a Big Valentine's Night In
Our list of killer bottles to pair with some of our favorite things streaming right now.
Tips for Super Bowl Food & Wine Pairing
Check out our round up of top-notch wines for Super Bowl food pairings.
Discover Savoie, France’s Alpine Influenced Wine Region
Love high acid wines? This one's for you. Get to know one of France’s smallest yet most interesting wine producing regions, featuring crisp whites and crunchy, thirst-quenching reds. Discover this stunning, mountain-influenced region through our Savoie 101. 
No Experience Required: Our Guide to Drinking Better Wine in 2021
We’re here to tell you that the journey to drinking good wine isn’t always completed by following a path from “novice” to “expert.” On the contrary, filtering out a lot of the noise and focusing on a few key ideas will more likely lead to the delicious experiences with wine you’re searching for. In that light, here are a few simple ways to make sure you're cracking into good wine this coming year -- no experience required.  
Everything You Need to Know About Grower Champagne
When we pop bubbles, we sip the best-- which means we stick to Grower Champagne. Check out our guide to Everything You Need to Know About Grower Champagne!
Everything You Need to Know About Decanting Wine

Knowing when, how, and which wines to decant is an essential component to making sure your bottle shows its best. With this guide, we've got you covered on all things decanting: how to do it, which vessels to use, and which bottles absolutely need some room to breathe. Cheers!

Our Guide to the Best Thanksgiving Wines
We’ve rounded up five tips from the crew here at Verve Wine on how to approach your Thanksgiving wine plans, whatever form the big meal takes this year. 
Insider Tips on Pairing Wine and Pasta
Cool weather and comfort food go hand in hand, and nothing satisfies more than a hearty bowl of pasta – paired with a pour of something delicious. But not all wine and pasta pairings are created equal. The secret? Grab a glass and find out.
Thirsty for Hidden Gems? Look to These Five Rugged Regions
We love drinking delicious wine, though discovering it is half of the fun. After scouring the world’s most rugged viticultural regions, we’ve landed on some hidden gems that we absolutely can’t put down. Check out our latest finds and grab ‘em while you can.
The 'New White Burgundy' We Can't Get Enough Of
France’s best known Chardonnay region is changing. We’re letting you in on some of its best kept secrets. Intrigued? Pour a glass and read on.
What We Look for In Good Natural Wine
Nothing stirs the wine industry pot like a conversation about natural wine. Here at Verve Wine, we deem ourselves to be big fans of the juice – however, knowing how to scope out the good from the not-so-great is key. This week, we’re letting you in on what good natural wine looks (and tastes) like to us. Read on, grab some of our top picks, and get ready for a delicious ride. 
Old World vs. New World, Explained
We’re breaking down everything you need to know about Old World vs. New World wines – and the differences go far beyond regional focus. Read up on the specifics, grab some contrasting bottles, and get ready to taste the differences for yourself.
Underrated Spain: Everything You Need to Know (and What to Sip Along the Way)
Spain continues to climb to the top of our list of delicious, affordable, and under-the-radar places for good wine. Read up on top regions, producers, & bottles to drink – then snag some wine before the world catches on.
Beaujolais Breakdown: Everything You Need to Know About the 10 Crus
Our love for Gamay from Beaujolais knows no limits. These chuggable, earth-driven wines are everything you want them to be: juicy, food-friendly, and perfect for sipping year-round. If you’re not already an avid Bojo drinker, we can almost guarantee that you will be soon. Read more.
Dustin Wilson, MS: Thoughts on 2018s from Burgundy
Check out what our co-founder Dustin Wilson, MS, has to say about the newly dropped 2018 vintage from Burgundy (hint, you don't want to miss it!)
When Instinct Reigns King: Checking in on Harvest 2020
If great wine is made in the vineyard, then the plots are also where the stress begins. After speaking with a few of our vigneron friends, one thing’s for sure: harvest definitely isn’t for the faint of heart. 
Dustin Wilson, MS: Wind-Down Wines for Late Summer
This week, our co-founder Dustin Wilson, MS is taking over the blog and letting us in on his top picks for late-summer wine sipping. Read on to check them out.