The Guide to Gifting Wine for Mother’s Day

gifting wine for mothers day

Motherhood celebrations have roots connected to the ancient Greeks and Romans. Coincidentally (or perhaps not) that same crowd strongly influenced wine cultivation as we know it today. Perhaps it’s an age-old tradition to charm Mom with a great bottle? We think it is, so we’ve prepped some terrific selections to give to any mother figure in your life (or keep for yourself, if you are said mother).


Here’s the thing about rosé: it goes so well with so many foods. Regardless of what meal you are planning to make for Mother’s Day (because you are cooking for Mom, right?) a bottle of crisp, dry rosé will very likely slide right onto the table and fit in. This time of year there is so much tender, fresh produce popping up at the market and thus rosé can really shine. We’re thinking of mixed greens, asparagus, spring peas, some mushrooms, even strawberries and cherries. 

rose wine for mothers day



What’s not to love about bubbly for Mother’s Day? We all know that sparkling wine isn’t only for special occasions, but it’s still perfect for special occasions. Giving bubbly as a gift is like a promise that the recipient will get to have a dazzling moment on their own schedule, with or without their family, at a later date. It’s like giving the gift of time, and great taste. While bubbly can be served with the most elevated dishes, ask around and you’ll hear that Champagne and potato chips make a pretty satisfying combo, so easy to enjoy under any circumstance.

mothers day sparkling wine gift



No one needs a reason to drink Burgundy, but the celebration of a loved one is definitely worthy of a couple of bottles from our friends in France. It’s not hard to imagine that the mother figures in your life would feel special opening a bottle or two from some of the most carefully tended terroir on the planet. Access bottles from dedicated, talented growers and makers in our Burgundy collection, including bottles created by women in wine, such as Claire Naudin. A mother of three herself, she calls the practice at Domaine Naudin-Ferrand “wine craftsmanship.”


Sauvignon Blanc

If you don’t know exactly what Mom likes to drink, Sauvignon Blanc is a truly spot-on bet. Here’s why: data shows that Sauvignon Blanc was one of the fast-growing wines over the past year and we think that’s probably because it has an appealing, crisp acidity and is a round robin pairing for nearly any dish. Sancerre, in France’s Loire Valley, has been flying off the shelves in the US, but the New World has also handled this variety with ultimate skill. In other words, there is a range of quality Sauvignon Blanc out there, with nuances to meet every mom’s palate.

sauv blanc mothers day wine gift



You know, the data that proved Sauvignon Blanc is on the rise said the same about another treasured white wine. Yep, Riesling. A quick Google search will reveal tales of the hunt —  everyone’s on the prowl for “cult” German Riesling that could set you way back. Not that Mom isn’t worth pulling out your wallet, but one can find exceptional bottles at approachable prices. Wouldn’t Mom like to know that you are not only in tune with the finer things, but also astute enough to get them without breaking the bank?