Athletic Wine for [Not So] Athletic People

wine athletes

Everyone at Verve Wine is nuts about Les Athlètes du Vin — this lineup is packed just the way we like it, with a combo of quality and fun. Made by a group of vigneron friends from the Loire Valley — they call themselves Vini Be Good — Les Athlètes du Vin was founded by Fabrice Gendrot, who today partners with Francis del Tedesco. 

The sportif themed labels remind us that wine isn’t always reserved for the table, and as the world begins her reopening, it’s totally time to stretch the old muscles and get outside. “Drinking wine is also a sport, as you have to lift your elbow — a very high-level intensity of physical activity, you know,” says Fabrice.

Inspired by these wines, we’ve put our heads together to make a commitment to our “physical rockstar” this summer, lacing up our trainers and getting “athletic” however we can.* Here’s the strenuous regiment — for which we advise “proper hydration” and thus have suggested the perfect bottles to wet your whistle. Stay strong out there!



For this particular activity, may we suggest a partner? Choose your friend wisely and also get a tandem vessel. With the proper negotiation (wait for it, because the Chinon will prove helpful here) the partner will take the front seat (better view, bien sur). Because you don’t want to splash them with droplets from your paddle, simply hold onto it and let your companion lead the way. The key skills here will be tact and graciousness because you don’t want to offend your partner by taking over. Let them show off a bit. 

The wine you need tempt them into the kayak with someone as lazy as yourself: Les Athlètes Du Vin Chinon 2019 - $20 (Coming soon!)


Oh dear, we were today old when we learned to hopscotch, and that was in order to get to the bottle of wine sitting at the end of the...what do you call it?...court? Anyway. There was wine at the end of the line and we worked our asses off to get it. Just kidding. This game is ridiculously easy and it’s homemade. There’s no screen, no sound, no swiping or joy-sticking. It’s old school, like really old. We heard that hopscotch was developed in Ancient Rome to build up the fancy footwork of soldiers in their clunky armour. It might be true, so put on your game face and get out there with some chalk and prepare to build your hopscotch empire.

Wine for the the winner: Les Athlètes Du Vin Vdf Chenin Blanc 2019 or Les Athlètes Du Vin Vdf Grolleau 2019 - $20 each (Coming soon!)



Shit. This game is not at all easy. You want us to do what? Who suggested this one? We just checked the injury report for the NBA and there are dozens of people hurt and “out indefinitely” is not how we want to spend the summer. Plan B: In the park where one finds the basketball courts, one also finds a play area for children. There are a number of activities, but this is the best: the swingset. Choose the swing in the middle, sit on it. Call your friend over from the basketball game (tell her to wipe off all that sweat first) and have her open a bottle of wine and pour you a glass. (Of course you have wine in your gym bag, right?)

The wine for playing on the, we mean basketball… is: Les Athlètes Du Vin Vdf Pineau D'aunis 2019 - $20 (Coming soon!)


If you’ve even considered doing any of these activities, we concede that you now need an adequate break. Get yourself some wine and hit the showers, sport. You’re officially athletic.


*Hopefully we don’t need this disclaimer but — to be safe — there is absolutely no actual health advice or claims here. All in good fun friends, all in good fun.