5 Film & Wine Pairings for a Big Valentine's Night In

Calculating the right move for Valentine's Day is always tricky — this year especially so. You might be on the fence about gussying up to celebrate. Especially if your date is the partner you've spent the last year with mostly wearing sweatpants and reminding to take showers. We're here to assure you that it's OK to leave on those comfy sweats this Valentine's Day. Let the combination of a special bottle of vino and a thought provoking, heart warming, or belly rolling cinematic experience take your night up a notch.

For A Drama Binge Night: 
Queen's Gambit (Netflix) & Monier Perreol Saint Joseph 'Terre Blanche' 2016

📸: Netflix

This series has taken the world by storm — and significantly increased the sales of chessboards — and we fully understand the hype. Everything from the perfect period style to the stunning lead performance by Anya Taylor-Joy make this drama series a can't miss. A bottle of Syrah from the Northern Rhone that is savory, complex, and deeply hedonistic — just like Beth Harmon — is the perfect match for taking in the whole series in one sitting. Jean-Pierre Monier and Phillipe Perreol's 2016 Saint Joseph will do the trick. And since it's Valentine's Day, there's no reason to avoid polishing off a whole bottle (or two).

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For a Night of Complaining (And Laughing):
Pretend Its a City (Netflix) & Chacra 'Mainque' Chardonnay

📸: Netflix

Two old friends and a love affair with New York City. In seven parts, Martin Scorsese and Fran Lebowitz share stories and old movie clips. They rail humorously at the changing times, the evolution of the city they call home, and the character that will always endure. Pair it with: two old friends and a love affair with Chardonnay. Jean-Marc Roulot and Piero Incisa have built an incredible collaboration in Patagonia and Chacra's 'Mainque' Chardonnay conveys their perfectly achieved balance of Burgundian tradition and progressive sensibilities. We couldn't think of a more delicious — or more fitting — bottle to sip while watching this fun, sardonic, and thoughtful docu-series.

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For a (Sort of) Romantic Evening:
500 Days of Summer (Hulu) & Hudelot-Baillet Chambolle-Musigny VV 2017

📸: Hulu

Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt star in this critically acclaimed film which tracks the 500 days of a couple's (mostly unrequited) love affair. Sometimes our love for Burgundy goes unreturned. Like the movie's tagline, our relationship with Burgundy can sometimes feel like "not a love story but a story about love." Certain bottles can beguile and "close up” before they come to the right age for drinking. Luckily, this outrageously delicious and classic bottle from Domaine Hudelot-Baillet suited to love you right back.

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For a Night of Reflection:
The Forty-Year-Old Version (Netflix) & Mayacamas Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

📸: Netflix

The New York Times called this 2020 film starring and directed by Rhada Blank "an intimate, epic reckoning with age, ambition and everything else." It might be the perfect flick for a night in on Valentine's Day 2021. Whip up a few filets to pair with a Cali Cab from top notch and iconic producer Mayacamas/ The wine, like the film, is a little bit serious, a little bit juicy, and a unique expression of a time and place. Polish off the bottle while settling into Blank’s tremendously intelligent, funny, and inspiring film. Who knows, you may find yourself considering a career as a rapper — it's never too late.

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For a Night of Ear to Ear Smiles:
Schitt's Creek (Netflix) & Dhondt-Grellet Extra Brut Champagne NV

📸: Netflix

Maybe you've seen every episode. Maybe you're sick of everyone recommending it to you. Either way, you can't go wrong with this uproariously funny comedy series on a night when, maybe above all else, you just want to feel good and enjoy the company you're keeping. The only logical pairing here is a delicious and date-night worthy bottle of bubbles. This bottle from grower-producer Adrien Dhondt will certainly keep you smiling.