Stuffed Peppers Meal Kit

Stuffed Peppers Meal Kit

Stuffed Peppers Meal Kit

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Chef Ryan Epp has taken the takeout game up a notch, preparing everything you need for a wine-friendly meal, heated and served in a few simple steps at home. These incredibly easy to prepare and insanely delicious meals are available in limited quantities Wednesday-Sunday after 2PM for pickup or delivery. Each Meal Kit feeds 1 person.

"'Poivrons farcis' or stuffed peppers, is a great vessel for vegetarian flavors! We love the pairing  of savory sweet roasted peppers, the tanginess of a soft goats cheese, and the savory notes of pine nuts. We roast each pepper and peel the skin to give the flesh an almost meat like texture. We pair this with a cold and bright quinoa salad, we enjoy the contrast in textures and temperatures." - Chef Ryan

Quinoa Salad
Cherry Tomato, Braised Chickpeas, Cabernet Vinaigrette

Stuffed Peppers
Goat Chevre, Bell Peppers, Pinenuts, San Marzano Pomodoro

*At this time we cannot accommodate any allergy or dietary restrictions or menu substitutions.*

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